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Swimming Program Necessities

Top swimming performance has many attributes but major physical components to success are shoulder muscular balance and core strength. Starting in 2002 with the APEX (Aquatic Performance Evaluation and Xercise) program, Alan Tyson and his staff began working closely with the swimmers in the Charlotte region and specifically the Mecklenburg Aquatic Club (MAC). Alan has evaluated more swimmers than anyone in the southeast. He has spoken on a regional and national level regarding shoulder rehabilitation and performance as it relates to the swimmer.

The Architech Sports staff is ready today to evaluate and place your swimmer on a performance and injury prevention program geared towards the shoulder and core (two key areas for the aspiring swimmer). Whether you are an Olympian or just started swimming competitively you would benefit from an APEX session to guide your training.

Justine Mueller talks about her resurgence in the pool since moving to Charlotte, N.C., to train under David Marsh. Mueller also has to deal with working full-time at a physical therapy clinic, which has its advantages, but can take some important time away from the pool. She also talks about the competition in her events, especially the 400 IM. Watch the full show in the video player here and visit Swimming World.TV for more video interviews.