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Our Goal

Our athletic development class is designed to help athletes improve their speed, power development, running mechanics, strength, agility, as well as flexibility and mobility. We implement a variety of different drills, techniques, and skills that will enable the athlete to help build their overall athleticism within their respective sport. With any drill we do we make sure our athletes perform each exercise with correct technique to ensure safety as well having an understanding on how to execute each drill properly. 

Class Flow

Our classes begin with a performance matrix that has been designed to get the athletes body primed and ready for movement. Following that athletes will jump into our "Movement of the Day" which will vary it's focus on speed/power development, agility/change of direction, injury prevention, general conditioning or a combination of the above! Upon finishing the movement athletes will begin their strength programs that have been tailored to their sport to help them strengthen their weaker areas and increase their overall performance!

To sign up for a program check out our training schedule! 

For more on our sport specifics, check out our programs page!

Here are our forms to be filled out prior to the first class!