Soccer Program Necessities

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  1. Sports Demands

    1. Speed and Agility

    2. Speed Endurance

    3. Hip Mobility

  2. Training Program Focus

    1. Footwork

    2. Core Strength

    3. Knee and Ankle Stability- Injury Prevention

    4. Power Development - being explosive in lateral and linear movements

This is a program specifically designed to blend soccer skills training with speed and agility training.

The game of soccer depends on rapid changes of speed which require the ability to quickly accelerate and decelerate the body. Soccer is also a sport that requires a lot of coordination and skill.  To become a better all around player, you need to get faster, stronger, and quicker, but still continue to increase your skill level.  Our program will allow you to not only become a faster, stronger, more agile player, but a faster, stronger, more agile player with the ball at your feet... just like in a game!