Athletic Development Programs

Our athletic development class is designed to help athletes improve their speed, power development, running mechanics, strength, agility, as well as flexibility and mobility. We implement a variety of different drills, techniques, and skills that will enable the athlete to help build their overall athleticism within their respective sport. With any drill we do we make sure our athletes perform each exercise with correct technique to ensure safety as well having an understanding on how to execute each drill properly. 

Below you will find some information on our athletic development programming as it pertains to each sport and how we intend to meet and exceed those needs! 


Performance Prep

Whether it's the day before a game or a few days out from a big tournament, get your body primed and ready! Our Performance Prep sessions will have a more individualized focus to help you meet the demands expected of you!



With Baseball being an overhead sport, a lot of emphasis is placed on arm care when developing a program..



Soccer is a multi-directional sport played at a fast pace, being able to keep up and stay healthy are a must to play at the highest level...



Overall strength is a huge factor in any position in football, in order to beat your opponent you'll have to out-work them..



Dry-land training that sets you up for better in-water performance, and keeps you healthy...



Basketball's technical ability is like no other, but athletes must also be explosive and maintain stability in order to be successful...



Whether you play on court or sand, volleyball players require a lot of lower body stability and explosive power...


Track and Field

No matter what event you do, your body needs to be trained and capable of performing the task at it's highest possible ability on cue...



The focus of this program is proper jumping mechanics to help avoid any ACL injuries and/or other knee injuries that can arise from poor mechanics...



A year long program designed to fit your sport's needs, keep you healthy and ready to perform at the necessary times...