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"We Are Your Physical Therapy, Spine, and Sports Injury Experts" 

At Architech Sports and Physical Therapy we understand the demands of your sport and design our programs around your unique training needs. We start off with a LINK exam to determine the specific areas in which the athlete needs to be stronger and more flexible. This is the same LINK evaluation that has been performed on NFL, MLB, NBA, professional soccer players, and other high level athletes. Based on this exam, we prescribe corrective exercises to address any imbalances. Next we take the athlete through a battery of tests to measure their running speed, power, quickness, and explosion. These two exams (LINK and Sports Performance tests) allow us to design a six week training program specifically for your athlete. 

Because of our staff's experience working with all ability levels from little leaguers to professional athletes we understand what it takes to function at a high level and we can work with your athlete to achieve his/her goals.

For each athlete that we train we want to improve their athleticism. We strive to make them run faster, jump higher, change directions more quickly and efficiently. Finally, we want to educate the athlete on how to train properly and help them reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to give the athlete back to the coach with increased physical skills to perform their individual sport. We also want to become a resource for the athlete and their families. Our staff of strength and medical professionals allows us to work with athletes who are seeking to better themselves through speed training, nutritional advice, or are recovering from an injury.


(Levels of Integrated Neuromuscular Kinematics) 

 All athletes run, cut, and jump. Why are some athletes susceptible to injuries than others? You can go to a doctor to get your blood pressure taken, cholesterol level screened, and give your health history to see if you are at risk for heart disease. Why not undergo an exam to see if you are at risk for an injury. This is the goal of the staff at The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy and the LINK Evaluation. 

The key is to reach athletes before they become injured and offer them state of the art training while trying to identify muscle imbalances that could lead to an injury.

  • How do tight hips limit speed and contribute to hamstring pulls and low back pain?
  • How do inflexible hamstring muscles affect the throwing shoulder of the pitcher? 
  • How does a weak upper back affect the golf swing? 
  • How do weak hips and flat feet put more stress on the knee and lead to knee injuries? 

These are all questions that can be answered with the LINK evaluation. This evaluation is performed on every athlete that enters our Architech Sports and Physical Therapy facilities.