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Football Program Necessities

All football players want to become bigger, stronger, and faster!

Most football players are becoming stronger in the weight room but could use extra time working on:

  • First step explosion
  • Overall agility and quickness
  • Lowering their 40 yard sprint time

The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy Staff strives to help the coach do what he knows best... coach football. The more time they spend with specific football techniques and not just fundamentals, the better their athletes will be. 

The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy has programs to help football players obtain their goals. Athletes who enroll in our speed and agility program will expect to:

  • Develop a more explosive first step
  • Decrease 40 yard time with better sprint technique
  • Increase broad/vertical jump
  • Improve their flexibility


  • Get Your Athletes Ready for the Best Season Ever

Football requires an athlete to have a combination of explosive power, speed, and balance to compete at the sports highest level. Typical training methods do not fully address all the aspects required to allow an athlete to compete at their maximum potential. Just because an athlete is strong in the weight room does not imply that he will perform at their best on the field. Even professional football players are tight/weak where they should not be and lacking in other areas including balance. 

If an athlete is incomplete physically in any area then they can not train as hard or as long. This may increase their likelihood of injury or compromise their ability to perform at the highest level.

By undergoing the LINK evaluation and speed and agility training offered by The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy staff, an athlete can improve physical requirements not addressed by typical strength and conditioning programs.

  • Program Design

Examine and make athlete aware of their posture and balance during agility drills, sprinting, and game situations. 

Strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles which can contribute to improper movement patterns. 

Introduce the athlete to a variety of movement drills that can be transformed into improved performance on the football field.

Help the football player understand their own movement abilities and patterns.

  • Program Structure

Flat monthly rate for unlimited training (2-3 sessions per week recommended). Testing performed 2 times per month to ensure progress toward performance goals.

  • Program Results

Decrease 40 yard dash on average by .2 seconds

Decrease 20 yard cone shuttle on average by .2 seconds

Decrease shuttle cone (L) on average by .2 seconds

Increase broad jump on average by 6 inches

Increase vertical jump on average by 3 inches