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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are your sports performance centers located?

We have two locations for Sports Performance Training. One is located in the Ballantyne area, inside the Morrison YMCA, the other is inside Ultimate Performance Sports in Matthews.

Morrison YMCA Training Center: 9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

Matthews Training Center: 10404 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105

Which location would work best for my athlete?

Both locations offer the exact same Athletic Development Program with very similar schedules, which ever one is most convenient for you will be the best option.

Which program do I need to purchase for my athlete to meet their needs?

Our main program that we offer is our Athletic Development Program. With this program your athlete will go through a variety of assessments to identify the areas they can use the most development in. From there, their program will be made taking into account the needs of their sport and the results from the assessment!

Do you offer any sport specific programs?

Our Athletic Development class will help your athlete meet the physical demands of their sport(s). With our classes being open to all athletes and all sports, sport-specific skill and technical development are not always incorporated! We do offer programs that are more sport specific and geared towards skill development in those sports, but they are limited in dates offered and spots available! These programs are not offered year-round.

To view the programs currently being offered CLICK HERE

Athletic Development (BAL) and Athletic Development (MAT) whats the difference?

Those signify the locations for the athletic development packages! It helps us understand which location you will be attending and they are treated as separate locations!

BAL- Ballantyne

MAT- Matthews

Can I go to both locations?

When you purchase your athletic development package, you choose the location you would like to attend. The Athletic Development (BAL) and Athletic Development (MAT) are set to their locations and won’t allow you to sign up for the other location.