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Elite Program

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 You are investing money each year to see that your son or daughter is playing the best competition and getting the “right” exposure. You want to make sure they reach their potential and have a chance to play beyond high school if they wish.

Now you have an opportunity to enroll your athlete into a year-round program designed by some of the best coaches and therapists in the country. The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy Sports Performance Team will personally work with your athlete throughout the year and show your athlete what to do for the entire year (in-season and off-season) to help maximize their athletic ability. Using the patented P3 training method that consists of Performance Enhancement, Physical Therapy, and Personal Training we will train, educate, motivate, and supervise your athlete during a year-round improvement process. This program will include speed and agility training, weight training for the in-season and off-season, flexibility and core strengthening sessions, networking with area professional and collegiate athletes, nutritional and supplement sessions to help answer questions about all the misinformation currently on the market, and 1-on-1 personal training sessions to help atletes focus on enhancing any area they feel they need to work on for competition.

The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy Staff has worked with numerous high school athletes who have gone on to play at the Division I level of college athletics. They have been rehabilitative consultants for the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte 49ers, Charlotte Knights, Davidson Wildcats, Wingate Bulldogs, Johnston C. Smith Golden Bulls, and Charlotte Eagles soccer team. They have given talks around the country on a variety of sports performance and physical therapy topics. They have written three books on sports performance.