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Architech Sports and Physical Therapy

The Official Sports Performance Provider of

Charlotte Soccer Academy

our partnership with CSA includes special discounts and packaging options for athletes of all ages. Whether you are In-season or out of Season there are options available for you to continue getting better. CSA Players also receive a 10% discount on Most packages using the code “csa” upon checkout.

  • Monthly Unlimited Package

  • 6-Session Package

  • Performance Prep

  • GK Specific Performance Prep

  • Team Training (Field Sessions)


Monthly Unlimited

Unlimited Training Sessions Over a 30 Day Period! -$240

Use Code “CSA” for 10% Off

Our most popular package, this package is perfect for the athlete looking to get into a consistent routine of training to build their strength and speed. Whether you are in the off-season and want to train 3-4 times a week or you are still in-season and would like to come in 2-3 times a week, this package offers a lot of flexibility!


In-Season 6-Session Package

6 Session Package = $180

Use Code “CSA” for 10% Off

Our 6 Session package is perfect for the “in-season athlete”. When you’re already practicing 2-3 times a week as well as games on the weekend, we know you may not have time to come in and workout as consistently as you did in the off-season. This training package gives you 6 workouts to use anytime you want. Studies show athletes that continue a strength and conditioning program 1-2x a week throughout their season have a significant decrease in injury rates as well as increased performance throughout the season. 


Performance Prep

Session Cost - $15

The focus of these sessions will be to prepare you for an upcoming game or tournament or recover from a hard weekend. The Performance Prep session will include flexibility/mobility movements to address any tightness the athlete may have. Injury Prevention exercises geared towards common injuries in the athlete’s sport. Core and hip activation to get the athlete engaged and ready to go! Sessions last about 45 minutes and are available M-F at 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Cost will be $15/ea. and upon purchase are good for up to 2 months!


GK Specific Performance Prep

Session Cost - $15

In our GK Performance Prep Classes, we will be focusing on everything that you need to get fully recovered for Gameday, as well as the skills you need to stay sharp going into your game: Reactions, Sharp Movements, and Explosiveness. Sessions last about 45 minutes and are available M-F at 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Cost will be $15/ea. and upon purchase are good for up to 2 months!


Team Training

Contact us to set up “Team Training” Sessions

We offer team training sessions inside our training center and outside on the fields at a variety of CSA locations. These 45-60 minute sessions have a main focus of speed and agility work with some strength and injury prevention exercises incorporated in. To find out what fields we are currently at and how to get involved or to set up training sessions with your own team, contact us directly using the button above!