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Basketball Program Necessities

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  1. Sports Demands
    1. Hip Mobility

    2. Lateral Stability

    3. Explosive Vertical Power

  2. Training Program Focus

    1. Strength and Stability in the legs

    2. Jumping/Landing mechanics

    3. Hip Strength

Our programs at Architech Sports are designed to help you be quicker, stronger, and more fit so that you can stay on the court longer. Our focus is on muscles that will increase your vertical and your lateral movement, which will help your game on both ends of the court. There is no substitute for being strong and fast, and at Architech sports we incorporate Basketball specific strength that will carry over into your game in as little as a month. We will design your workouts in a manner that will replicate the high demands of the game and that will help you reach your athletic goals. Our science based strength training has seen results in all levels of basketball, from youth to pro, and everything between.