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Baseball Program Necessities 

Architech Sports partnered with Ultimate Performance Baseball! Strength. Speed. Agility.


  • Pitching for Success

Pitcher’s often have muscle imbalances which predispose them to overuse injuries. These programs often can be avoided by a comprehensive strength and flexibility designed specifically for the pitcher.

This program will help you:

Identify key areas of your body (shoulder, elbow, or hips) which may be inhibiting your ability to perform at an optimal level.

Prevent overuse injuries by identifying specific flexibility and strength problems that affect your mechanics.

Recover from an injury or surgery and return to play with more efficiency and a reduced risk of re-injury.

  • Performance Evaluation

A video analysis of the pitcher’s throwing mechanics to look at five key areas of the delivery. Deficits in these areas have been associated with decreased power production and increased risk of injury.

A physical examination to assess the pitcher’s flexibility and strength of specific baseball muscles.

A performance training program with exercises to eliminate any deficiencies discovered during the examination.

  • Performance Enhancement Sessions

After the evaluation, you may arrange for performance enhancement sessions in a variety of ways. Each session consists of a one-hour supervised exercise program, including instruction in progression of the Pitching for Success program. Each session will focus on strength, flexibility, and proper mechanics.

  • LINK EVALUATION - What is it?

(Levels of Integrated Neuromuscular Kinematics) 

All athletes run, cut, and jump. Why are some athletes susceptible to injuries than others? You can go to a doctor to get your blood pressure taken, cholesterol level screened, and give your health history to see if you are at risk for heart disease. Why not undergo an exam to see if you are at risk for an injury. This is the goal of the staff at The Architech Sports and Physical Therapy and the LINK Evaluation. 

The key is to reach athletes before they become injured and offer them state of the art training while trying to identify muscle imbalances that could lead to an injury.

How do tight hips limit speed and contribute to hamstring pulls and low back pain? 

How do inflexible hamstring muscles affect the throwing shoulder of the pitcher? 

How does a weak upper back affect the golf swing? 

How do weak hips and flat feet put more stress on the knee and lead to knee injuries? 

These are all questions that can be answered with the LINK evaluation. This evaluation is performed on every athlete that enters our Architech Sports and Physical Therapy facility.

  • Athletic Development and Pitching Programs

Our Athletic Development Program provides comprehensive training for the athlete looking to improve on the footwork, balance, posture, and overall linear speed.

  • Program Design

The athlete is evaluated using the LINK System (Levels of Integrated Neuromuscular Kinematics). The LINK system identifies weaknesses and imbalances that can lead to improper training and injury. Then, through proper training, these weak links are addressed and corrected.

Strengthen and lengthen weak or tight muscles which can interfere with proper movement patterns.

The athlete is introduced to a variety of movement drills to reinforce the athlete’s sports skills and less common movements to challenge athleticism and enhance muscles that are less commonly used in the athlete’s sport.